You can watch the informative and inspirational talks of BP16 Translation Conference from the comfort of your home.

Watch 27 conference videos* (roughly 50 minutes each) for just 60€.

To sweeten the deal even further, you’ll get a 20€ discount off BP17 Translation Conference.

Also, after each batch of 200 sales, 1 lucky winner* gets free attendance at BP17, including 3 dinners.



How to order BP16 videos

The videos are hosted on Vimeo, a video sharing service.  Vimeo, however, does not issue proper invoices. For this reason the purchasing process is a bit lengthy, but it should take no more than a few minutes – and you end up with a proper invoice for your purchase.

1   First, open this website’s webshop under the Shop tab.  The large ‘Order BP16 videos‘ on top also points there.

2   Add the video package to your cart by clicking on that button.

3   In the next screen click on the View Cart button.

Add to Cart

4   You will see the item added to your shopping cart.  Purchase price is 60€ plus VAT if applicable. (A 21% VAT will be added if (i) you are based in the Czech Republic, or (ii) you live in any other member state of the European Union and you cannot provide a valid EU VAT number.  No VAT will be added if (i) you are based in the European Union (outside the Czech Republic) and you can provide a valid EU VAT number, or (ii) if you live outside the European Union.)

At this the VAT is shown if you’re based in the EU.  It will disappear in the next step after you provide a valid VAT ID.

 Safari 2016.09.07. , 12:59:44 Cart | bp16conf

5   Provide your invoicing details on the Checkout page. All items marked with a red asterisk are compulsory.

 Safari 2016.09.07. , 13:02:12 Checkout | bp16conf

6   Make sure you check the checkbox at the bottom of the form, then click on Proceed to payment.

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7   You will be taken to PayPal’s payment processing page.  You can pay either directly from your PayPal account or using a regular credit or debit card.

Safari 2016.09.07. , 13:05:35 Pay with a PayPal account - PayPal

8   On the next page you simply click on Pay Now.  If your PayPal account is denominated in another currency (not €), today’s conversion rate will be shown for your information.

_07 Pay now

If you choose to pay with your bank card,  you will be taken to PayPal’s bank card processing page that looks like a regular card processing page.  Provide your bank card details, then proceed.

9   Within a minute you will receive an email confirming your purchase. You will also receive your invoice attached to this email.    The email includes a promo code that you will need on Vimeo to access your videos (next step).

wlmail 2016.09.07. , 13:13:20 Beérkezett üzenetek - Windows Live Mail

10   Now you can open our Vimeo page (  Click on Rent all.

_09 Vimeo home

11   You’re almost there!    To access your videos you’ll need to join Vimeo by providing some basic details. If you’re already a Vimeo member, simply log in.  You can also join using your Facebook account.

_10 Join vimeo

12   Since you already paid on the conference website, you don’t need to pay again on Vimeo.  Simply click on Apply promo code.   After this please provide the promo code you received in the confirmation email.

_12 Vimeo apply code

13   You will see you get a 100% discount here.  Simply click on Continue to access your videos.

_013 Vimeo continue

14    Last step!!!   Click on Watch now.

_014 Watch now


i    The reason for this complicated process is that Vimeo does not issue any invoices. The only way to keep the accountants and tax authorities happy is by allowing purchases on the BP16 website only.

ii   On Vimeo you will have access to the conference videos for streaming (i.e. no downloading), for a period of 6 months.  A few (3) sessions are still missing, these are being edited.  Each completed video will be added to the available set of videos as soon as completed – at no extra cost to you.

iii  We’d like to apologize for the inadequate sound quality in the first minute or two of some sessions – about 2 or 3 sessions are affected.  In such cases subtitles have been added.

iv  Please do not share the promo code with anyone.  Any unauthorized use of the promo code will result in blocking the unauthorized user from watching the videos.

v   As a purchaser of BP16 videos you’ll be entitled to a 20€ discount off BP17 tickets.  You will receive the relevant promo code for this discount about a week before BP17 tickets go on sale (most probably on 2 January, 2017).

vi  A winner will be picked after each batch of 200 sales using a verified algorithm.  The prize is not transferrable and no cash equivalent can be claimed.

Conference sessions available as videos:

Gala Gil Amat BP16 card BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Christelle Maignan - Translation in transition
BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Valeria Aliperta - Why bad translation is like bad coffee  BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Gabi Nagy - The Efficient Translator
Paula Arturo BP16 card FB BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Inga Michaeli - Diversify or specialize - A guide to becoming untouchable
BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Jonathan Downie - Public speaking for translators and interpreters  BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Marek Buchtel - Managing rates and fluctuating workloads
Tanya Quintieri BP16 card FB  Konstantin Kisin BP16 Saturday
BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Lucja Biel - The ins and outs of EU translation BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Cécilia Charlier - Make your search for EU law a success - EUR-LEX
 Luca Lampariello BP16 card FB BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Steve Vlasta Vitek - Introduction to modern patent translation
BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Sameh Ragab - Storyteller 1 BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Sameh Ragab - Storyteller 2
Joy Phillips BP16 card FB Dotota Pawlak BP16 card FB
Oleg Rudavin BP16 card FB  Alison Hughes BP16 card FB
BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Tiago Neto - Speech recognition  BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Lena Chudnovskaya - Finding Your Voice. Secrets of Siberian Shamans and Opera Singers
BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Miklós Urbán - Marianna Nagy - Unique localization workshop for memoQ maniacs BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Miklós Urbán - Marianna Nagy - Unique localization workshop for memoQ maniacs

Coming soon:

BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Miklós Urbán - Do what you are good at - translate - and let your tools take care of the restBP16 Translation Conference Prague - Lissa Sum - Across

BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Kyle Wohlmut Ellen Singer - Idiomatic or idiotic? Is a cat sometimes a pig, a dog or a fish?