The Basics of Business Law and Negotiation

Speaker: Paula Arturo.

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Freelance translators enter into binding international agreements on a regular basis in which asymmetry of information and negotiating power  often work in their detriment. In this presentation, I intent to explore some of the basics of international business law that can help freelancers overcome this asymmetry and negotiate better business terms. In this presentation, we will discuss:

1) Negotiation

2) Contracts

3) Enforcement

4) Payment

5) Alternative conflict resolution


Paula Arturo

Paula Arturo is a lawyer, translator, and Professor of Law. She is an independent lawyer-linguist for the United Nations Universal Periodic Review process of several Latin American States, a legal-linguistic consultant for various international organizations, and a member of the Public Policies Forum of the Supreme Court of Argentina. Throughout her career, she has translated several highly technical law books and various publications in international peer-reviewed journals for high-profile authors. As a result of her interest in academic and literary translation, she is an editor of the Law Journal of the University of Palermo and, as of November 2015, will be serving a two year term as Assistant Administrator of the American Translators Association’s Literary Division.