Public speaking for translators and interpreters

Speaker: Jonathan Downie.

BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Jonathan Downie - Public speaking for translators and interpreters

Gone are the days when working in translation or interpreting meant being cosily ensconced behind a screen, working in your pyjamas. Instead, translators and interpreters are increasingly finding that landing that new client means making a great impression in person. Yet, despite being communication professionals, we can often find it hard to turn our expertise and knowledge into compelling talks that make clients sit up and take notice. This hands-on workshop will help translators and interpreters to craft their own unique message, wrap it in an effective structure, connect with their audience and deliver with creativity and panache.

This workshop will help to dispel the fear and anxiety that such presentations often cause by teaching simple yet powerful techniques for preparing, rehearsing and presenting talks on any subject to any audience. The principles that will be taught and put into practice come from over 15 years of public speaking and on work with three separate coaches. Those who have little experience will gain the confidence needed to produce and deliver high quality talks and experienced presenters will discover keys to up their game.