Karlštejn by bike (19 April)

Still around on Tuesday after the conference?  Get on your wheels and pedal to Karlštejn, a beautiful medieval castle some 30 kms from Prague.

Amy Van Dyke organizes this day trip, please read her information below (FYI, 270 czk = 10€)


Castle: 270 czk per person. I think only Tour I is available until May… But this is the main tour.

Bike: 200 czk for a full day with “WEB1” discount code. Rental from http://www.okolo-bikes.cz/CZ/index.html (I could contact them in advance to give numbers and go with ppl the evening before to pick them up (they also need a deposit fee of 1500 IN CASH, which will be returned in full upon bike return). I personally have 2 bikes, so I can offer one to someone around my size.
Lunch: 100 – 300 czk, depending on what ppl order. There will be a daily menu, so probably quite reasonable. I can make a reservation in advance. This place is nearby, so we could probably ride to castle, do tour (50 min), then have a relaxed lunch before riding back. http://restauraceumani.cz/en/restaurant/ Only small issue is that it is before the actual castle, so anyone not returning by bike would need to ride there, then ride back to the train station (about 2.5 km). I could ride to drop them off while the others finish off beers, etc. But the atmosphere/prices are far better than options IN Karlštejn. If most ppl are only doing half of ride, perhaps we will revise plan to eat in K, though.
Times/length:  I would suggest leaving to go there around 9, should take us about 1.5-2 hours depending on people’s pace, any breaks, not speeding =). Then we can have lunch after the tour. Those who don’t want to do the whole ride could do just the one way and take the train back (should be 50-60 czk, plus maybe 20 czk for bike, just under an hour). The rest of us would ride back after lunch, so I’m guessing we would be home by 5pm or so at the latest. I could ride back to the rental shop with those who had rented bikes to drop them off. I wouldn’t charge anything  for it. Depending on how many ppl only want one way, I would have them reserve their own tickets, or I could reserve for them, but that’s less desirable. 😉 I would need only really to make the tour reservation, but I’m guessing we won’t have too too many people and that the period won’t be overrun with tourists. For this, I guess it would be honor system–if they tell me to make a reservation, they need to pay me, even if they don’t make it.