Jewish quarter walk (Thursday)

BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Jewish quarter tour

Meeting point: Metro exit Staromestksa, line A (same line as the conference hotel).  Meeting at 11:55 on Thursday (14 April), the tour starts at 12:00.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 32 € (7 € booking fee + 25 € payable to the guide)


Let’s go with us for a stroll around synagogues and hear the story of Prague Jewish community, at its time the biggest in Europe, let’s try to understand why this nation has such a sad destiny on one hand, on the other very strong ability to rise up again and again… We’ll walk past the synagogues, Old Jewish school, unique Jewish clock and peaceful cemetery, full of secrets… Let’s compare the documentary pictures from 19th century, as the Jewish quarter used to look very differently from now…


We will visit following interiors:

The Maisel Synagogue – History of Jews in Moravia and Bohemia from the first settlements to the beginning of Emancipation
The Spanish Synagogue – from Emancipation to the Present
The Pinkas Synagogue – Memorial to the Jewish Victims of the Holocaust
The Old Jewish Cemetery
The Klausen Synagogue – Jewish Customs and Traditions
The Ceremonial Hall – Jewish Customs and Traditions

FRANZ KAFKA, who lived between 3 different worlds – Germans, Jews, Czechs – moved many times in his short life. We’ll show you the places that influenced his writing and will describe the inspirative atmosphere of the city at the beginning of 20th century – in his own words: Prague doesn’t let go, either of us. This old crone has claws…

In us all it still lives – the dark corners, the secret alleys, shuttered windows, squalid courtyards, rowdy pubs, sinister inns…the unhealthy old Jewish Town within us is far more real than the hygienic town around us.”

This walk ends at the Spanish Synagogue – 5 minutes from the Old Town Square.

The tour is offered by Prague Walks.  You can sign up for the tour here, but you’ll have to pay the guide in cash when the tour starts.