It’s not what you spend it’s the way that you spend it

Speaker: Alison Hughes.

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What do translators and interpreters spend their money on?

It is often said there is a frugal mentality among translators and interpreters and that they are reluctant to invest in their business. But to move forward, we need to invest.

My talk explores the topic of investment in marketing and CPD, both monetary and non-monetary.

How much do we spend? What do we spend it on? What do we do if we really don’t have enough money to attend events and conferences?

In my opinion, the key is not how much you spend but how you spend it.

First I look at what I consider to be my non-negotiable expenses, then I look at more creative inexpensive ways I have learnt about my specialism (translations and copywriting for the creative industries), marketed myself and raised my profile.