Diversify or specialize: A guide to becoming ‘untouchable’

Speaker: Inga Michaeli.

This session is a 3-act story with a happy end.

Act 1: The trials and tribulations of a literary translator. We begin our journey with a literary translator who discovers one morning that her desk is almost empty. What is she to do, despair or diversify? When financial translation is out of the question, legal sounds like Greek and technical is truly not her forte, can she really be a jack of all trades, or does she need a well-defined niche? Is there one solution to this conundrum?

Act 2: Weighing options and taking some expert advice. So what are the options: diversify or specialize, or maybe both? We’ll look at different strategies of diversification, weigh the pros and cons, discuss what I learned from translating Sir Ken Robinson (like building a mind map) and Thomas Friedman (roads to becoming ‘untouchable’) and figure out how all of this helps us on our journey.

Act 3: Happily ever after? It’s time to solve the conundrum, and find out exactly what our translator did to take her business to the next level. The end… or is it only the beginning?


BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Inga Michaeli - Diversify or specialize - A guide to becoming untouchable