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BP16 videos

60,00  excluding tax

This will give you access to all* edited video recordings of BP16 sessions.

*Currently 24 sessions are available, each of them roughly 50 minutes long, with 3 more to be added soon.  Chris Durban’s keynote was not recorded, respecting her request.

Upon your purchase you will receive an invoice and a confirmation e-mail that includes a promotional code.  Please use this promo code on BP16’s Vimeo page ( to get a 100% discount.

The videos are made available for rental for a 6-month period. This means you will be able stream the videos any number of times during this period, but you will not be able to download or share their URL’s with anyone.

This purchase also grants you a 20€ discount off your ticket for next year’s BP17 conference when tickets will be available, probably from 2 January, 2017.   You will also receive a promo code for BP17 in the confirmation e-mail.


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