Inga Michaeli

BP16 Translation Conference Prague - speaker - Inga Michaeli

Based in Israel, Inga Michaeli has translated over 220 titles – fiction, non-fiction and lots of DK and LP travel guides – as well as many hours of movies and TV shows, academic articles and marketing texts in need of some oomph. She is a former Chair of the Israel Translators Association (2008-2010), has taught subtitling, literary translation and creative non-fiction translation at Beit Berl College and is a regular speaker at conferences in Israel and abroad. Her main field of expertise (and true passion) is tourism and travel – she translates (English<>Hebrew) for major airlines, hotel chains, booking sites and other outfits, and is regularly featured in Hebrew travel magazines (Masa Acher) and newspapers (Globes), as well as English-language travel mags (Holyland and Discover Israel). She is member of the Israel Association of Periodical Press (IAPP), a member of Persona and owner of Wander Words.


BP16 Translation Conference Prague - Inga Michaeli - Diversify or specialize - A guide to becoming untouchable