BP16 registration process

Taking you through the registration process in a few easy steps


1.  Select the items you wish to pay for

Once registration is open, please select the items you wish to register for under the Register tab.

Here you will see a web shop with several items: Conference only, Conference + 3 dinners, Chris Durban’s masterclass, individual dinners, as well as walking tours and day trips.

Early bird prices are valid for the first 60 tickets sold, or, at the latest, by 15 January.

All prices include Czech VAT (21%).


2.  Proceed to shopping cart

In the next step you’ll see the items you selected.  Here you can still edit your order, by adding or deleting certain items.

You can enter a coupon code if you have any. (These are available only for a limited number of people: for conference speakers, prize winners, and basically noone else.)

Please note that a ‘low order fee’ will be added if the order amount is under 100 EUR.  If the order amount is below 50 EUR, 6 EUR will be added to the payable amount, while if the order amount is between 50 and 100 EUR, 4 EUR will be added to the payable amount.  This will not affect most of you, since I assume everybody will pay for at least the conference (259 EUR).


3.  Select your payment method

At the bottom of the ‘Cart’ page you can select your preferred method of payment. No matter which method you choose, you will have to mark that you have read and accepted our Terms and conditions.

> Direct bank transfer

If you choose this option, you will receive an automated email with further instructions, including our bank account information.  You will receive your invoice once the transferred amount appears on our account.   Meanwhile you can complete your registration process by setting up your attendee profile.

> Transferwise

This option will pretty much the same as with direct bank transfers.  Transferwise.com allows you to transfer funds internationally at low cost between currencies, so this will only work if you’re based outside the euro zone. (While the Czech Republic is outside the euro zone, all BP16-related prices are specified in euros, and our bank account is also denominated in euros.)

> PayPal / Bank card

Unfortunately this option is not available now, at least for the time being.  We are working on a solution and hopefully we’ll be able offer this option as well soon.

You can choose this option if you wish to pay by PayPal. You can also pay this way even if you do not have a PayPal account, but wish to pay with your MasterCard / Visa card.  In this case PayPal acts as a third party card processor.

With this option you will be taken to PayPal.  Since PayPal charges additional processing fees for handling payments, unfortunately we’ll have to apply a surcharge of 3.9% to all payments going through this channel.

Once your payment is processed, you will receive your automated invoice, as well as further instructions to complete your registration process by setting up an attendee profile.


4.  Your invoicing details

After selecting your payment method you will be taken to a page within this website where you can provide your invoicing data.


5.  Payment for travel services

Due to a special VAT regime applicable to travel services, the price of all walking tours and day trips had to be split into two portions.  A ‘booking fee’ is payable through our webshop, while the larger portion is payable directly in cash to the tour operator (Prague Walks).   A representative will be there at the conference venue when you pick up your badges to collect payments for travel services.


6.  Setting up your attendee profile

Similarly to previous years’ events, BP16 attendees will have their own mini profiles set up under the Attendees tab.  This will allow you to start networking even before the conference starts.

What is new this year is that you can sign up and log in so that you can later edit your profile – having full control over what information you share and what profile photo you wish to show.

As soon as you place your order in the webshop, you will receive an email with payment details. Also in this email you will find a link that will take you to the page where you can set up your attendee profile.

For your profile photo you will be taken to a third party photo processing tool – Gravatar, a service offered by WordPress. Here you can upload a photo, then crop it to a square.  You can use this profile photo on a wide range of other websites as well.

You can enter all other data here at our BP16 website. These will include a short bio (part professional, part fun), your working languages, your company or brand name you would like to see on your badge, as well as a few links to your professional profiles or websites elsewhere.

These profiles will be publicly visible and searchable, so use them wisely.  You can opt out if you like.


7.  Get ready for BP16

Once you’re fully registered, get ready for the conference.  Read up on Prague, think of your stories you wish to share with your colleagues, find fellow attendees you would like to meet during the event, etc.

Don’t forget to book your accommodation in time.  The hotel conference keeps a contingent of rooms at reduced prices for BP16 attendees until the end of January.